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Can you handle clients anywhere in the United States?

Yes, we certainly can.  With the advanced technology of today, location is not an issue.  We can handle clients in every part of the United States.

I am concerned about losing control of my billing.

We understand the concerns about handing over the financial aspect of your business to someone else.  Those concerns are valid.  This is why we feel that our years of experience and committed customer service will begin to build your trust level as we enter a business partnership.  It takes time and a proven record to build the level of trust that will make you feel comfortable about your decision to outsource your billing.

The Client Consultant assigned to your account, as well as our entire team of associates, is always available for assistance and customer service.  Your clients will be able to contact us via a toll-free phone number, as well as e-mail contact to answer any questions or concerns.

Isn’t my information safer at my own office?

We back up all computer data daily.  The data is stored in a secure, fire safe, off-site location.  Our technology is HIPAA compliant and supported by experienced, trained, technical professionals.  ROMAR Professional Services, Inc. utilizes the NDC Medisoft system, which is an excellent, affordable practice management solution. 

Can I access patient information on-line?

There are several ways that information can be accessed.  A basic version of the MediSoft software is available for purchase if you wish for your office to have viewing capabilities only.  Our staff will send a data backup to your office daily so that you have the latest information available.

If you prefer that your office does not have access to the information, we will send you reports that will keep you informed. 

In the near future, we plan on clients being able to log into their account via a web access for instant viewing capabilities.

Do you remove patient charts from our office?

No.  All we require is the Patient Information Form, the front and back copies of the patient’s insurance card (s), and a signed copy of the SuperBill/Encounter Form that your office uses.

What about the confidentiality of my client?

All information provided to ROMAR Professional Services, Inc. is handled in the most confidential manner.  All of our associates are trained in privacy laws and our expectations of confidentiality.

Are the claims filed electronically?

All claims will be sent electronically whenever possible.  Paper computer claims will be generated using the standard HCFA-1500 claim forms.

What is your follow-up process on claims?

We have research specialists who continuously follow up on claims, if we have not received an EOB and check within 30 – 60 days.  We continue to work all claims until each claim is paid or a reasonable explanation for non-payment has been given.

Where are patient and insurance payments sent?

At the beginning of our contract, you can decide whether you prefer to continue to receive money or if you would like payments sent to our office.  We prefer to receive the money, deposit daily in a designated bank, and send you copies of all deposits on a daily basis for a more efficient process. 

How does your company receive the necessary information?

We have several ways to receive your paperwork.  Depending upon your setup and choice, we can use a scanner, fax, mail process, or free pick-up service (local area only) to transmit the information.  We try to keep the turnaround time of submitting claims to a 24-48 hour process, so that you receive your revenue much faster.





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