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With a medical billing service, some of the human resources aspect of a practice can be eliminated.  Many medical practices and services go through high turnover periods and this can be very frustrating and costly to a practice.  Employee turnover is often a significant reason why doctors and services eventually decide to outsource the billing functions.  If the billing staff leaves suddenly, it leaves a void that needs to be filled immediately with an experienced and reliable person.

Practice growth is another reason to consider outsourcing the billing service.  As your practice or service grows and revenues increase, eventually the workload grows as well.  It becomes necessary to hire new employees to meet the demands of your workload.  This will be added cost.

As you consider your options, one of the reasons to outsource is that a billing service eliminates some of your employee needs.  ROMAR Professional Services, Inc. has minimal turnover, and we have a number of employees in our organization.  We work as a team with each client, so that we can easily manage any attrition that might occur within our organization or yours.  Another reason is that as you experience growth, your costs will stay in line with revenues. 

To determine the actual cost of an in-house billing department, there are many costs and resources that must be looked at:

  • Recruitment costs
  • Training and re-training for new employees
  • Employee salary
  • Employee benefits

Workers compensation
Social security
Healthcare insurance
Sick leave
Holiday pay
Other benefits

  • Postage
  • Paper Supplies
  • Computer hardware purchase/maintenance
  • Software purchase/maintenance
  • Clearinghouse fees
  • Office Space dedicated to billing functions
  • Time spent researching insurance claims
  • Excessive telephone expense

ROMAR Professional Services, Inc. is only paid as we collect from your clients.  Therefore, the incentive to collect falls upon our shoulders, and relieves the pressure and conflict that collections often put on your employees.

One of your concerns may be that if you outsource to a billing service, you will lose control of your finances.  We understand the concerns about handing over the financial aspect of your business to someone else.  Those concerns are valid.  This is why we feel that our years of experience and committed customer service will begin to build your trust level as we enter a business partnership.  It takes time and a proven record to build the level of trust that will make you feel comfortable about your decision to outsource your billing.

The Client Consultant assigned to your account, as well as our entire team of associates, will always be available for assistance and customer service.  Your clients will be able to contact us via a toll-free phone number, as well as e-mail contact to answer any questions or concerns.
ROMAR Professional Services, Inc. is responsible and accountable for collecting every dollar that is possible to collect.  Our motto is “We generate maximum revenue for our business partners!”






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